The Perfect Press Kit

Concert & Festival Producer, Guitarist Doug Cox on how to make a winning Press Kit:

  1. WHAT and WHO is it for? I often develop different press kits for different situations – one that sells me as a session guy, one that sells me as a live performer and one that sells me as an industry person, as well.

  2. A WELL WRITTEN BIO – Hire someone. It doesn't hurt to drop a couple hundred dollars and get a really good writer. Find someone who loves your music, not someone who just wants to take your money.

  3. AVOID BUZZ WORDS – things like “unique”, “individual”, “innate abilities”. People that read a lot of press kits get turned off by that kind of language because it's so common.

  4. AT LEAST TWO PHOTOS – Really good ones that are hi-res AND easily downloadable. The more good photos you have, the better chances of getting press. If you're touring, a newspaper will usually run a photo only once, so if you have 3 or 4 good ones you'll probably get more press when you do repeat performances in that region.

  5. VIDEO – have a really good LIVE video up on YouTube. That's the first and only thing I ask for when people submit to play our festival because it's honest.

  6. QUOTES are great to have and very helpful.

  7. GIVE PEOPLE THE TOOLS TO PROMOTE YOU– If I'm preparing your promo for a newspaper and have to spend an hour finding it or figuring out how its formatted it's really frustrating. Chances are people won't do as good a job for you.

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