4 Things You NEED to Do Before Recording - Advice from our mentors

So You Want to Be a Musician..Now What?!!

BEFORE Recording, Do THIS….

Obtain written agreements from everyone contributing to creation of the sound recording. Musicians, songwriters, vocals, engineers, producers, etc. all need to have either a Work-For-Hire arrangement or an agreement stating the sound recording copyright ownership splits.

Norman Gillis, Attorney at Law, MusicRowLaw.com

Finish the songs. Are the lyrics done? Is the arrangement right for each song? Do the songs fit together as a cohesive project?

Wyatt Easterling, songwriter (Dierks Bentley, John Michael Montgomery, Joe Diffie)

Warm up! Warm up your voice and warm up your brain. Warm up your body and warm up the emotional center. Demonstrate respect by knowing basic things like your lyrics. Sincerity of performance cannot be achieved by reading aloud to someone. You can't expect to convince anyone of true emotions if you can't remember the next word or phrase. Don't pretend, be somebody.

Pete Strobl, Vocal Coach (Eddie Van Halen, Wofgang Van Halen)

Find a producer and let them produce so that you can be the artist. Establish roles. Know your songs, your material, your sounds...but be fearless to experiment — that's where the true art and fun comes from. Ethan Mentzer, Producer (Click Five, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson)

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