The music industry is in state of flux. Again. The last twenty (20) years entire segments of the industry disappeared as new ones have emerged with veterans who weathered the storms of the mergers/acquisitions of the 1990s, the digital-age of the Millennium, and the recent surge of online streaming. Decades-worth of industry knowledge transcends all facets of the music industry: creative, production, management, distribution, legal, licensing, publishing and promotion.

Regardless of locale, LA to London to Toronto, an Artist can create and sell music independently. However, to effectively launch a career, Artists still need a team of contacts, mentors and knowledgeable professionals.

What if Artists could get advice from Grammy-winning songwriters?

What if a band could discuss a song’s placement value with a head of a publishing company?

What if a band could get advice from a publicist BEFORE releasing their new CD and/or going on tour.

What if….

The Answer? Music Business Mentoring.

Music Business Mentoring (MBM), is a consortium of industry experts in a variety of fields, willing to connect and mentor any Artist, at any level, in any genre. Mentors include songwriters, publishers, composers, producers, managers, agents, engineers, attorneys, musicians, vocal coaches, marketing/branding experts, publicists, radio promoters, music supervisors, etc. with RIAA-platinum, international touring, and a multitude of awards and accolades.

Music Business Mentoring (MBM) offers individualized one-on-one video conference (via Skype/FaceTime) mentoring sessions between the Artist and Mentor of their choice. If it is a part of the music industry, we have a seasoned, well respected Mentor available.

The brainchild of multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter, Wyatt Easterling (former Atlantic Records Chief of A&R, and former staff writer for EMI, Dreamworks and API in Nashville), musician and successful songwriter, Jen Smith (Naked Blue, The Wood and Stone Room Recording Studio, Wood and Stone Songwriting Retreat) who has had numerous songs placed in TV and Film including The Smokers, Young & the Restless, Brooklyn South, Jack & Jill, and America's Top Model, and management expert Marlene D’Aoust, whose clients include Lucas Chaisson, Maria Dunn, Wyatt Easterling, The Troubadours, and the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA). Collectively the founders have over one-hundred (100)-years’ experience.

MBM was founded as an internet startup benefiting both the Artists and music business professionals. By granting the ultimate access, regardless of career level or status, any Artist has the ability to book time with a Mentor of their choice, eliminating the frustration and years of wasted efforts attempting to break through the endless layers of Assistants, unanswered phone calls, and wasted dollars attempting to get an industry leader’s attention.