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Rob Smith currently holds the title of President/CEO of Royalty Records, which celebrated  its 40th anniversary in 2014. Also, Rob is founding member and past President of the Association of Country Music in Alberta.

Royalty Records is a full-service, nationally recognized record label and distributor for both Canadian and international recording artists and labels.  Since its creation, the Edmonton based label has focused mainly on country music, and now represents recordings by such current Canadian artists as Hey Romeo, George Fox, Gil Grand, Chris Cummings, The Orchard, Jay Sparrow, Tristan Horncastle, Blake Reid, The Boom Chucka Boys and Amy Metcalfe.

Thus encompassing multi year nominee for CCMA Record Company Person of the Year and multi year CCMA nominee for Record Label of the year and multi year CCMA nominee for Publishing Company of the Year. And the winner of 2013 WCMA Independent Record Label of the Year.


Preferred Method of

All Aspects of the Recording Business from a record label perspective including agreements, promotion, recording, touring etc.

"Sticktoitivness creates longevity and success"
                - says me, Rob Smith