Rebecca Folsom


I have taught the Art of Vocal freedom for over 20 years. I find great joy in helping others to empower their personal presence on stage and in business. I have some very unique and effective exercises I've developed over 20 years to help release our bodies from habitual patterns that have been holding us back in realizing our fullest potential. With these simple and fun vocal/mental/somatic exercises I promise you will open the possibility to more success, creativity and joy! I also teach the Vocal Mastery Apprenticeship Program -VMAP. It's a 10 month on-going workshop series to train musicians to take their professional skills to the next level, and to help them achieve greater financial success.

I have been a professional artist for 20 years, have toured internationally, have charted #4 on national radio, have played for people from small listening rooms up to 2.5 million people live on BBC television and radio. I am a seasoned vocalist with an almost 4 octave range that is described as fluidly moving through luscious, smoky speaking tones to celtic pop and then delivering a knock you to your knees Janis Joplinesque impassioned wailing. I have released 10 CDs, 2 books of poetry, have my BFA in Fine Art. My most recent release "Reunion", is a convergence of all three of these artistic mediums, having created a painting and a poem to accompany each song.

I find all paths the muse takes us on exciting, and the path to becoming a better artist, and the path to achieving greater financial success, are one and the same. They meet in our everyday lives with how we resonate within ourselves, how fluidly we respond to people and situations, and our joy in the process!


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Touring Artist, Songwriter, Voice and Performance Coach

 “Folsom shines on the mellow, almost spiritual ballads, a cross between Joni Mitchell’s lush, soul-searching folk jazz and the Cranberries' mystic pop.” — Daily Camera


The Rebecca Folsom Band

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