Lisa Brokop


I have been in the music business for about 25 years now as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. I've been through just about every high and low an artist can have in this biz through record deals, publishing contracts and touring throughout North America..from performing to 20,000 people while they sing along to my hit song to getting out behind the bus on the hwy in -30 weather (Saskatchewan) to push it because the starter blew..ha!
I have a million stories and lessons learned in between all of that and I wouldn't change a thing! All of it has made me who I am today and I'm grateful for the longevity I've been given in my career.
There are no 'for sure' answers or guarantees to be given in this business but hopefully I can share a little of my experience to help you find your own answers on your own path.
So lets talk....   

 "Grab hold of your dreams, and hang on tight!"


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