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I'm the owner operator of Dicky Dog Jingles and Bottom Line Marketing, and I have extensive experience writing, producing, recording and selling custom music packages, musical web videos and commercials. The first song I ever wrote was out of frustration with my summer job in a sweat shop. I titled it, "Because I Hate My Drill Press, I'm Gonna Start Wearin' a Dress". His co-workers loved it, his boss not so much.


I began writing jingles because I was tired of my company's TV ads being so boring. I have a LOT of experience in business coaching and how to get to where you want to go. I've worked with and studied music under Roy Williams, "The Wizard of Ads", Phil Madeira, Wyatt Easterling, Dan Navarro and Jen and Scott Smith. I currently have a library of over 30 songs that have been recorded and I'm in the process of forming the "Eight is Enough" songwriters coalition in my hometown of Escanaba, Michigan. I truly believe we can make the world a kinder better place through words and music. My company, DickyDogJingles.com, was inspired by my 3 legged border collie/ Dachshund, Dickie, who runs 23 miles an hour. If she can do that, I can overcome my own challenges as well.


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Advertising, Jingles, Songwriting, Co-Writing agreements, Recording, The Process of a Recording Session, Production, Branding, Marketing Plans, Social Media, Video, Album Artwork

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" When I hit a ball, I want other people

to chase it"

Mickey Mantle when asked why he didn't golf