Welcome!  Here's

how this works:


1.  Pick a mentor! you can 
search by Name or topic:
OR Let us choose a mentor for you

2.  Request a Session.


3. Make Sure you have an app:

You'll need to have an app that will allow you to video chat with your mentor.  If you don't want to do that, select "phone" as your preferred method of communication when you request your session.  

google chat



4. Within 24 hours 

you'll receive an email from us confirming your mentor's availability and method of video conferencing (we may also need to suggest alternative dates & times).  If it looks good and you are ready to confirm....

5. Book it!

Follow the payment instructions in the confirmation email you receive. One hour sessions are $150. Half hour sessions are $85. Once your payment is complete, your session is booked! 

6. Prepare for Your Session

Make sure you have tested out your video conferencing software and are ready to roll at least a few minutes before your session starts. With Skype, this will include accepting your mentor's contact request in your Skype account.

Have specific goals in mind and be ready to communicate them to your mentor. Know what topics you'd like to discuss in advance. If you're not sure, browsing our list of topics might be helpful!


You'll have an opportunity to give us feedback on how your session went via a feedback form that we'll send after your session is complete.