What is the Fee for a Mentoring Session 

One hour sessions are $150. Half Hour sessions are $85. Sessions must be prepaid once your appointment is set with your mentor and before your appointment can begin. You'll receive payment instructions with your session confirmation.
Can My Mentor Get Me a Deal?

Our Mentors are here to share their experiences, knowledge and offer guidance. We are here to help with your career growth and personal development. Many of our Mentors have orchestrated and negotiated deals or had various types of deals themselves and can give you invaluable tips on how to prepare yourself for that all important pitch or showcase.

What if Our Video Conferencing Session gets Interrupted?
Your mentor will be keeping track of the time spent with you. If your session cannot be remedied immediately, they will do everything possible to reschedule and complete your session once the tech issues are figured out. You may also opt to continue your session via telephone.
How Do I Choose a Mentor?

We've organized our mentors by name, genre and the topics they are able to discuss. You can use the search boxes provided, or browse the list of mentors here. Click on a mentor name and it will take you to their mentor profile where you can learn more about who they are and where their areas of expertise lie.

What Conferencing Platforms are Available for My Session?

While Skype is our first choice, we also have information HERE about using Google Hangouts, Facetime and other platforms. If video conferencing is not possible for you, you may request a telephone session.