To Belt or Not to Belt

To belt or not to belt, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler on the gig to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous demands, or to take arms against a sea of laziness and bad habits, and, by opposing them, end them. I think you know where I stand on this one. I refuse to recognize the word “belt” as having anything whatsoever to do with singing. A belt is something with which to keep trousers at an honorable altitude. Period. Basta, Finem Disputatio. Somewhere in the last few decades it has become an acceptable thing, even a compliment of sorts, to say of a performer, “Golly gee, Bobby can really belt out a tune, can’t he?” Well I think that words are important. Especially those wor

Songwriting Retreats - Jet Fuel for Creativity, Capacity & Connections

There is a persistent struggle that all artists and creators share: how to find time to create great work and still have time to earn a living. It really shouldn't be this way, right? We know that part of being human is this gift of art, music and literature that allows us to condense life's beauty and lessons into something that's not only feeding our minds but also our hearts; connecting us to each other and the world in a way that nothing else can. Personally, I think all of us songwriters should get a grocery and gas allowance to cover our writing time but I haven't figured out the details of that yet. Can I go out on a limb and say that there might be a portion of the population out the

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