Tracking and Fear of Commitment

Oftentimes I’ll find myself in the studio, working with a client, doing multiple takes of a performance. Inevitably at some point in the tracking the client will say, “Can we go back to that take I did 18 times ago? I really think that was the one.” Inside I’m thinking “Well if that was the one, how come we moved on from it?” Shouldn’t we have known it was ‘the one’? Won’t ‘the one’ be glaringly apparent at the time? You see, back in the tape based days we didn’t have this luxury of undo. When you recorded over a part, it disappeared forever. You made damn sure that you weren’t throwing ‘the one’ away, because there was no getting it back. On one hand it’s nice to have the option o

4 Things That Will Help You Make More Money Gigging

The Million Dollar Question, right? If you want to be playing original music full time, it’s a question that really needs answering. The short answer: find new fans, keep them and believe in the value of what you do. This is a VERY short list of just some things you can do today that may be of value to the many of us who are not yet consistently selling 200+ tickets/show. I will revisit this topic in the near future and would love to hear your ideas as well. 1. Your Fans. If you’re performing original music you need fans to support you; whether by ticket sales or music & merch sales or subscriptions to your content. So, it's critical to spend some time & effort finding and keeping new fans

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